Nirvana Stevia Range


For years, followers of weight management programs and those needing to monitor their blood sugar levels have resorted to artificial sweeteners to sweeten their food and beverages, but in recent times there have been many reports suggesting that naturally derived, low-calorie sweeteners would be a better substitute.

In response to this, Nirvana Organics® has travelled the world to find an alternative, and we found one in the naturally sweet, zero calorie herbal extract, Stevia. The key to a great tasting Stevia product is the quality of plant, growing conditions, extraction process, and care in manufacturing and our customers believe Nirvana Organics Stevia is simply the best!

At Nirvana Organics® we believe all natural and organic is the key to great health and vitality, and with our Stevia you will have the peace of mind that you are not only looking after your waistline by reducing your calorie intake, but are using a product that is 100% natural.