Flo Nasal Sprays

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Our Flo Nasal and Sinus products have been well-researched and consist of the most advanced formulations, to help you feel better and breathe easier

Preservative-free nasal relief is less likely to irritate so if you suffer from allergies or hay fever, using a nasal saline without a preservative may well be preferable. Preservative-free saline solutions and sprays may feel gentler on the tissues lining the nose especially those with sensitive noses like babies and children.

If your nose is completely blocked, refer to your pharmacist for advice on a nasal decongestant such as Flo Rapid Relief. For a runny nose, use Flo Saline Plus, a preservative-free saline nasal spray that can be used when you’re on the go. For a more thorough cleanse of the nose and sinus, try Flo Sinus Care, an easy at-home treatment that can be used twice daily or as directed by your healthcare practitioner. Flo Sinus Care may also help to temporarily relieve the pressure and discomfort of excess mucus in the sinuses. For a dry, sore or crusty nose, ask your pharmacist for a moisturising nasal oil like Flo Nozoil.

Use only as directed. Always read the label. Refer to your healthcare practitioner if symptoms persist.